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White Background Product Photographer

I'm Chris Jones, based In Hillsborough, County Down in Northern Ireland and I provide product photography of small objects with a white background.

That's a very narrow service, I know, but it's what I like to do well. If that specific style fits your remit then please get in touch.

What is different about small product photography for ecommerce sites?

Usually it means that all parts of the object are in crisp focus because shoppers want to see product details.

A lens has a depth of focus which make features at a certain distance in focus. Moving away from that focal plane the object progressively becomes out of focus or blurred. Good photographers can make great artistic use of that to create beautiful images.

For a gadget on an ecommerce website for instance it's best that every part of the product is in sharp focus so the shopper can examine the product. I have seen how products with the best images sell more than those which are mediocre.

To get the whole subject into sharp focus I use focus stacking software which allows me to take dozens of photos each at a different focus point and merge them all together.

For a macro shot it can be impossible to get the whole object in focus. Without focus stacking of multiple images the approach would be to use a high F-stop with long exposure but image crispness is best at a wider aperture such as 5.6. Combining multiple images is the best option. It's time consuming and meticulous attention to detail produces alluring product pictures.

Not what you want?

If the white background style is not to your liking or your product is a larger object then there are many of really fantastic professional photographers to be found with a web search.

I personally recommend the very talented Vizz Creative who are also here in Northern Ireland.

Product image of power banks

A typical product image for a website

An example photographed product

Product image of a Cartier watch and pouch

Product image of a Cartier watch and pouch with a white background.

The person who sold this second hand watch on a classic watch website insists he would not have got such a good price if he had photographed it himself. This was one of a set of photographs which showed the detail of wear and tear and patina that watch collectors look out for.

Example product photos